Stackchain, a flourishing bitcoin buying community, turns four months old today. Stackchainers have purchased over 2.8M USD worth of bitcoin, raised funds for communities around the world, and created and incredible community.

What is Stackchain?

Simply put, Stackchain is the gamification of buying bitcoin.

Stackchain was born completely organically when AriZonanHODL decided to buy $5 of bitcoin and see if anyone else wanted to buy a little with him. Someone replied with a $6 purchase. Next, someone replied to that $6 purchase with a $7 purchase. Then, someone replied to that purchase with an $8 purchase. These consecutive purchases kept coming in, iterating one after another, growing the chain of purchases, expanding the amount of bitcoin that was being purchased. Eventually, many bitcoin plebs fell in love with the idea of stacking bitcoin consecutively with one another, growing their stack, acquiring more bitcoin, all the while growing the chain of posts on the original Twitter thread. And thus, Stackchain was born.

"Even on days when I'm broke as hell I still stack. Feel free to join me."

Over the past four months, Stackchain's growth has been truly remarkable, operating with social consensus and the gamification of buying bitcoin. Through this, over 500 Stackchainers have purchased over 2.8 million dollars worth of bitcoin and over 130 BTC.

Stackchain has raised funds for Bitcoin communities around the world from Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, to Bitcoin Island in Philippines, to Bitcoin Lake in Guatemala, to Bitcoin Ekasi in South Africa, to raising funds to help defend Bitcoin from scammers like CSW.

Stackchain hasn't stopped there either. Besides stacking bitcoin for themselves and others around the world, Stackchainers have stacked Bitcoin and Lightning nodes, building nodes, running nodes, and build 5 Rings of Fire for the Lightning network.

Stackchainers recently attended Pacific Bitcoin in Santa Monica, CA. There, Stackchainers organized and led a hackathon to build a Stackchain application to make Stackjoins and Mempool management more user friendly, sustainable, and more inclusive. Stackchainers participated on a panel at the Swan Dome Stage, discussing all things Stackchain.

Cory Klippsten of Swan said that Stackchain was the most exciting thing happening in Bitcoin right now.

If fact, if you use Swan to buy bitcoin, you can do a #Stackjoin directly from the Swan app! Stackchain is also in talks with two other bitcoin only exchanges and hopes to bring about additional functionality next year.

If you'd like to get started with Stackchain, we have various guides and FAQs on our website. There you can learn how to do a Stackjoin or find the tip and buy a full block. (Please note that some of this functionality will be changing in the near future as we finish the development of our application.)

Don't use Twitter? Prefer Reddit? NO PROBLEM!

Let's start a Reddit Stackjoin Chain right here. All you have to do is buy the next amount. If you don't have USD, just buy the equivalent amount in your local currency. The goal of this Stackjoin chain will be to build a block on the main chain on Twitter. (For example: if the current block height of Stackchain is 2385, we'll need to stack amounts $5 through $69.

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