Where to borrow fiat with BTC as collateral to buy more BTC?

I'm looking for a decent lender, to buy more BTC using BTC as collateral. I'd be holding for months or maybe years.

Ideally, of course, I'd like the lender to be unable to lend my collateral over to other parties or to spend it on anything else (mutisig with an arbitrator) ; but in the real world, here are the requirements:


  1. not cut-throat interest rates
  2. clear rules on margin calls, that allow for at least 24h to add more collateral no matter how low the price drops
  3. be decent (the most difficult part). In particular this means that their standing should not depend on the price of random shitcoins.

    1. I'd like to avoid "wrapped BTC" and any exposure to shitcoins


– Blockfi has just flopped; apparently satisfied 1 and maybe 2 (subject to negotiations?) but not 3.

– SALT has just flopped; I don't know what conditions they had, but clearly failed on 3.

– Ledn has not flopped (yet). They had a very high dependence on Genesis capital which has died recently, but they managed to disentangle themselves fast enough. I'm not sure they satisfy 3.

– Kraken I'd say is decent enough (of course one can't never be sure), but their interest rates compound to like 40% per year, so not suitable for my purposes (may be fine for a day trader but not for a long-term loan).

P.S. I know about "knot your keys not your coins" but I'm willing to take a reasonable risk.

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