All in or DCA?

I'm sitting on some decent cash and about to toss it into BTC and move it off the exchange. I'm curious what you fine folks think on the current state of things. BTC has been fairly sideways for a few weeks. Holding up at $16k fairly strong even after the FTX fiasco. There are things everywhere saying a few other exchanges may be in trouble as well and are trying to hide it. If there is a cascading event that takes down more exchanges could we see lower levels of BTC, say around 12-13k? The difference in buying in now vs these "potential" lower levels for what I'm putting in would be a difference of about .6 BTC. So some pretty big opportunity cost long term if it does dip further. I know many people said we'd never see this current price of BTC again and here we are. I feel as though the risk of missing out on upward momentum from our current levels is greater than potentially falling lower, since other exchanges failing is likely somewhat priced in already.

What are your thoughts? If you had a stack of cash would you just DCA right now, or would you just dump it in and secure the BTC at current levels? Interested in your thoughts!

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