General public attitude and awareness

I've been following along and reading for a while, and I think the comments on this thread pretty well summarise my understanding of what the western public thinks about bitcoin

I say "western public" because I spend a lot of time in asian countries and the general public acceptance and interest seems much more positive there.

I know this is echo-chamber social media garbage, and they say "Crypto", and FTX, not specifically bitcoin, but we know they think the same thing… and you know what I'm getting at here…

So my wondering is, when I read posts and comments here on reddit about how bitcoin can help solve financial market problems, and be a benefit for society, and I remember seeing a video somewhere that talked about the launch of bitcoin being a watershed moment in history as the first time you can actually own your wealth… so…

why are people still so anti-bitcoin? Eg.

hopefully if the crypto market tanks hard enough, we can turn off all the bullshit computers people are using

It's destroying the planets, and costing poor idiots their savings, all while having the power to destabilize small economies. Not everything should be measured by how much money you can get out of it, you have to look at the wider costs.

Scarier is this will help bring about a central bank digital currency. Someone will be able to control all transactions

If there is really is a social benefit, why don't people see it, and why don't bitcoin experts do more to respond and rebut these general claims in social conversations?

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