I’m considering to create an anonymous account on Kraken

I have an ID verified account on Binance and I want to withdraw BTC from there, but the fee is way too high. So my idea is to convert it to XMR, send it over to Kraken and convert it back to BTC, to then withdraw to my wallet with much lower fees.

For this I'm considering to create an anonymous account on Kraken with the "starter" KYC level, using random name and address, ProtonMail, and through Tor so they don't have my IP.

This would kill two birds with one stone, as I could withdraw with much lower fees while also anonymizing the coins I have, breaking the bonds between the ID verified Binance account and the BTC in my wallet.

My only concern is, is there a risk of Kraken thinking that my account is suspicious and block the XMR funds I deposit there, even though I'm just seeking privacy and low withdraw fees?

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