MyNero Wallet 0.4.0 Released: I2P and seed offset support!

MyNero 0.4.0 has been released!

This update brings the ability to connect to I2P nodes, seed offset support, and a new "Street Mode" similar to past wallets of mine that had a "Street Mode" and also similar to Monerujo: when enabled, your balances and transaction amounts throughout the app are hidden.

As of right now, the app does not have any default I2P nodes to connect to, since the small selection I can find online are all either down, or are horribly unreliable. However, there is a guide on the MyNero website to get your own node running and accessible over I2P:

Seed offset support works much like a Bitcoin wallet's BIP39 passphrase. Upon importing or creating a wallet in MyNero, you have the option to also use the wallet password as the wallet's seed offset. If enabled, you will need both the seed and the seed offset in order to recover your wallet. The seed offset is not shown anywhere in app, so be sure to keep it safe.

Download: (APK, F-Droid, or I2P torrent. The I2P torrent is still 0.3.2. A new one will be uploaded later.)

Source: http://4hsesnr6mjb4qrflgf5gezjaszzoqnnisin7ywzbsv6pgcxysiaq.b32.i2p/pokkst/mynero (ONLY accessible via I2P)


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