PiNodeXMR: Looking for contributors. I’ve seen a few “what can I do for Monero” posts recently, maybe a side-project is what you’re looking for.

This sub obviously gets its fair share of tech savvy individuals. Maybe there are are skills you have that can assist Monero growth but directly contributing to the Monero codebase is a bit daunting at the moment.

Are you aware of the:

There's quite a bit of useful stuff there in all sorts of languages and projects and issues that could use some input for the benefit of all.

Specially I manage

We've been going for just over 4 years and the core idea is to make it as easy as possible for a beginner-ish user to be able to run a full node as easily as possible on some dedicated hardware, whether a single-board-computer or an old laptop.

Where I could use some collaboration is that over time we've pulled in loads of other external tools that mutually pair well with Monero: tor, I2P, Monero-LWS, P2Pool, log-io, OpenVPN etc and we keep growing to add more functionality.

It's become a reasonably lengthy list and so maintaining current features whilst growing is taking considerable time. There are a few things specifically I could use a bit of assistance with, but generally input on anything is appreciated. This project is free and for the benefit of all.:

  1. I made a custom cli menu interface to interact with Monero-LWS and it's a bit ugly. Anyone out there able to contribute a more user friendly solution, maybe some kind of web interface, tidy up what we have?
  2. It's early days, but can the Commit-Network atomic swap (or any similar atomic swap feature) interface be pulled into PiNodeXMR.
    Or any other improvements you can find.
    A web developer? Maybe take a look at our Web-UI, I self taught some basic web development to put it together a second opinion would be great. Can you improve the dark mode colour scheme?
    Network specialist? I could work with you to lock down some ports and edit the current scripts to open/close as necessary.

To onboard people unfamiliar with the PiNodeXMR project structure and improvements I've created some flow charts to help with transparency on how the project works:

Really any feedback or improvements are appreciated.
General Project:

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