A few Monero intermediate questions

Hello Monero users. I try to create this topic again, because my last try was flagged by Reddit as spam, I'm not sure why.

So, from the beginning:

I'm intermediate user and I want to ask people with more advanced knowledge than me. To be clear, I'm a big fan of anonymity. I want to buy access to Proton services, but Monero isn't accepted and the only way is payment with Bitcoin.

I have let's say enough knowledge how to use Monero, but I never use any types of "swaps". I want to ask you, how can I safety obtain Bitcoin using Monero. I have enough XMR on my Monero GUI Wallet (I worked only with that wallet). I understood the right path too, how should I obtain Bitcoin by Monero, but I'm not sure, what will be the best & convenience way to to this.

[1] What service can you recommend me to replace Monero to Bitcoin? Currently I know a few, but this one as I saw should be the best: https://sideshift.ai/xmr/btc.

[2] I'm wondering what should I chose and when. As I know, I have two options:

  • The first path: XMR wallet > BTC wallet > destination address.
  • The second path: XMR wallet > destination address.

[3] As I saw, some people recommends mobile Wallets, like Monerujo and Cake Wallet. This wallets can do the same what service mentioned in [1]. Is any advantages or disadvantages, what should I chose? I mean, can I easy chose what I prefer, or exist better option of some reasons?

[4] How to work with that swaps? As I said, I want to buy Proton service. I have an account, and price for one month are exactly: 0.00079976. Because no matter what path from [2] I will chose, always some fees exist, right? Let's say, I will chose the second path. So I have exact number (0.00079976). So, I should chose in sideshift Fixed rate and paste the small amount of BTC, and it generates how much XMR I must send. In that way, I'm protected due to the change rate, and I will obtain exactly the same BTC, that I pasted?

[5] In that way, First path from [2] will be works better in Variable rate, but second path with Fixed rate, true?

[6] How safety is using mobile wallets on private phone? For Monero I have separated VM with downloaded full node (~170GB).

Thanks. If I should know something else, I will be grateful for any in information's. Have a good day/night!

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