A Monero version of Chaturbate

I was wondering if any of you would like to develop this with me, I got this idea today. I didn't know Chaturbate then I was checking how does this work and you know what ? The whole website is KYC and you can't receive any payment if you don't submit your ID + Selfie. I think it's outrageous so I went to the idea why not build something KYC free like Chaturbate with XMR only to improve full anonymity and security for participants. The problem I suppose would be to marketize it, to make it known, that it doesn't stay niche. If you want to build it go ahead, or if you want me to be involve let me know in PM. I know Sex industry isn't something you want to hear about but it advertised itself once it's launched. Let me know what you think about it. Have a nice day.

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