BasicSwap DEX Goes Live on December 8!

BasicSwap DEX Goes Live on December 8!

Hey guys!

Wanted to share with you all that the open beta of the privacy-first and cross-chain BasicSwap DEX is going live on December 8th!

For those not yet aware of it, BasicSwap is an atomic swap-based DEX that lets you swap cryptocurrencies in complete and total privacy without middlemen, accounts, limitations, or fees.

The DEX includes full native Monero support (no wrapped asset or other shenanigans), of course, and lets you swap it against a range of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other coins (including other privacy coins).

We've published two blog posts which may be helpful in providing more information.

We're very excited to release finally the DEX's open beta publicly and hope you guys will love what we've been cooking up mostly in silence (hint: this is just the beginning)! 😊

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