My view of Monero decentralized development

Recently discussion started about Monero decentralized development, it's benefits and failures.

Well based on my previous internet experience successful decentralized development without consensus is impossible.

Not just development but anything without consensus is leading to failure.

What is consensus and why is it important?

Consensus is what made Bitcoin possible. It is when many non-affiliated computers agree on one thing, for example that mined block is valid. Same thing applies to Monero mining and blocks.

What happened when you mine block that is not accepted by rest of network? You get orphan block which is part of alternative chain.

How this applies to Monero development?

I will first give example how development without consensus is leading to failure, use atomic-swaps by commit network for example.

Development wasn't well planned and was without strict specification, a lot of maintainers changed and communication between them was not perfect.

Which made atomic swaps by commit network not just un-reliable, un-mainted but exotic and experimental.

After year active and couple of years passive in Monero community I still feel like guest.

So before I do something important in the community I consult with devs and people in the community that have more experience then me.

Not because someone is my "boss", MajesticBank is independent entity, but because we are all pushing forward to greater privacy and together.

Here is example of me doing development without consensus(BAD THING): I put my devs to work on commit network atomic swaps integration with Monero GUI.

While selsta and team is working on community nodes implementation (simple mode) and I come to them and tell them we made pull request in December and that is should be merged.

If I talked to selsta before putting devs to work he would tell me that Farcaster team is almost finishing their atomic swap protocol which is much more reliable, have strict specification.

So it just became very clear We wasted our resources on coding something we shouldn't even start doing and it's very reasonable.

We basically created orphan block with that pull request and hoping network will accept that while it's not reasonable obviously.

(Based on my limited knowledge)

That's exactly what mj-xmr did in some of his pull request. Before consulting with rest of developers he went to create abstraction level of something that he shouldn't started in first place.

If he asked, someone would tell him NOT TO START spending his time on this. Same thing applies for alleged hidden 80% tax.

Selsta, vtnerd, majesticbank, can I add 80% dev tax to solar mining code I've written? No bro you can't do that, it makes no sense. That would be the answer.

This is even worse example since he was funded from CCS funding so community money.

Ok so what's big deal? mj-xmr went his way and created orphan block on alternative chain, rest of the network will just ignore that.

Well as you may know or not there is alternative to Monero CCS community funding, it's KYC based US nonprofit fund called Magic Grants / MAGIC Monero Fund.

While I Welcome every step forward into Monero development, kudos to their ETH<>XMR, MajesticBank will be probably first provider for this protocol.

This time MAGIC Monero Fund is putting bet on orphan block on alternative chain by providing funding to mj-xmr.

Bitcoin / Monero protocol works that way that longest / most credible chain wins and it's accepted by rest of the network.

By putting bet on mj-xmr (even he might work well under Rucknium mentorship) MAGIC Monero Fund is acting malicious to the rest of Monero development network.

Obviously MAGIC Monero Fund created proposal for mj-xmr funding without consensus and without consulting with other Monero developers.

Again not because there is "boss" but because we are all pushing forward to greater privacy and together.

I've put my faith that MAGIC Monero Fund hadn't done this on purpose and they will reconsider their position on this proposal.

Should be good example why consensus is really important, specially when We have people in community that proved honest in their intentions and work.

This is my view of Monero decentralized development and I will follow this consensus for benefit of Monero and privacy for everyone now and in future.

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