Understanding why BTC is valuable takes a mind that has a good grasp on what the world will look like in the future

This needs no arguments for people in poor countries because it's unfolding already. A trustless payment system that requires no 3rd party is quite frankly an insane human accomishment. If you dont think so then you are selling yourself short of a very important history lesson. Hundreds of them actually. Humans have been trying to accomplish this since the beginning of time. Poor countries are already seeing the benefits because it is improving their lives… these are facts that are indisputable so far.

However, people who grew up swiping CCs and listening to elite media in rich modern countries require a little more thought power to grasp why BTC will slowly but surely become the money of choice. Also why this post will get downvoted by them. It's clearly not impossible to grasp in a modern sense, especially after reading a few books on the matter, but I totally understand how Buttcoin crew formed and why this is such a big misunderstanding of value that will take years and years to continue coming to fruition.

Since the dawn of man, anytime you introduce a better money into a civilization, that better money will end up becoming the standard. There is not other way to say that. Every money ever created prior to BTC either required trusted physical storage or was controlled and issued by a central authority.

For the first time ever, that's not true. The reality is that we are not gaining any finacial freedom moving forward. None. The needle is going the other way. The value of USD and the other fiats that get watered down even more as a result of greed and power will become less and less valuable as they are held.

I will say I did not understand BTC 3 years ago. I would have totally sided with the general unresearched public. It's amazing what a few books on the history of money will do along with a few about BTC itself. I think this is going to be a very slow change, but these things happen slowly and it's based on progress and innovation beyond every problem, not perfection of a globally accepted and purely trustless peer to peer monetary system in a handful of years. Let's review in 10 more years and see how different things are, considering there are more active wallets and more indovidual whole coiners than ever before as of 2022

I'm excited to watch it unfold while being conservatively invested into what I think may be the best diversification vehicle of our lives, or maybe in history. BTC is the most appreciating asset of the last decade

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