I just had the longest 2 hours of my life. Update your wallet software before transfering coin!

I bought a significant amount of bitcoin (to me) on coinbase a few weeks ago. Decided to move it into my ledger wallet. I copied the receive address from the wallet to Coinbase and clicked send.

10 minutes goes by it doesn't arrive in the wallet. 30 minutes go by. That's weird. It's never taken that long before. Hour, two hours. I'm starting to feel physically sick at this point. What do I do? I was worried that I had had malware redirect the funds even though I had double checked the address.

I went on Ledgers website and looked at their FAQ.

"Why aren't my coins showing up in my Ledger wallet?"

  • Your coins may not show up if you haven't updated your ledger software.

I updated the software and they were immediately there. Whew. Save yourselves this stress / panic. Update your wallet software.

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