My pop asked me, ‘so OP, how much dough did you do on bitcoin? I’ve heard it crashed’.

And to that, I said. "$0. I haven't sold, so I haven't lost anything. I bought the majority of my current bag at $28-29k, and I've just bought more during these low prices, and will buy even more if it keeps going down further, along with my regular DCA."

I could see on his face how stupid he thought all that sounded. It was extremely annoying to be questioned, to say the least.

It did however highlight a lot of the ignorance that the majority of people have though when he asked me about the FTX ordeal, and insinuated that bitcoin was somehow to blame for this. I just educated him, and moved on.

"My own thoughts, and the facts on bitcoin haven't changed, so why would I sell? If anything, all this FUD going around highlights why bitcoin is unlike any other crypto shitcoin."

Its sad that bitcoin has to share a bedroom with other crypto currencies, and the masses believe whatever the media (who have no idea what they're talking about) has to say.

I don't feel stupid, but I feel like him and many others are thinking I amwhen they ask about bitcoin. Stay strong and HODL, buy it because you believe in it, not because of the price.

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