God love him, my dad wants to buy bigcoin,

He's 78 and sees his money being deflated away, and we might laugh at big coin, but he understands it.. this man was born during the Second World War and has seen many things. Can't work an iPhone and unfortunately will not be with us too much longer, but he can see we are being screwed over. Why can a 78 year old man see this, and not young people. In many ways, young people are like naive children, wanting and praying that someone /Big Brother is looking out for them. This is the idea they have installed in young people, Also to impoverished with financia problems to challenge a system that definitely is not working for them. The man has seen many wars, recessions and governments lying to it's people over and over, he questions everthing. HE NEVER DID WHAT THEY TOLD HIM, So I will help him get his Bigcoin for his grandkids, if only as a last fuck you to system that is hellbound on enslaving his grandkids with an unpayable mortgage, and the HPI on the shit they can't afford to buy more shit from factories in China that used be made by middle class people in the west. Also remember only racist people don't agree with this governments policy, of moving jobs to a sweatshops in Asia over 20 year to enriching the 1 percent and destroy the middle class of the west. I hope you don't agree with any of above because you know what that would make you to.

Buy BIGCOIN because my old dad has bigger balls than us all lol, and is going all in at 78 lol.

Night night peace and love to everyone

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