A proposal to Satoshi or Early adopters: Biggest incentive in history to Bitcoin LN Node owners

A proposal to Satoshi or Early adopters: Biggest incentive in history to Bitcoin LN Node owners

Just got an idea. Disclaimer, I'm a Bitcoin LN node owner for while now. I'm using the awesome Open Source Zeus Wallet to connect to my own node and it works! The thing is, lightning network in general lacks of liquidity and incentive. We only have about 15K nodes and 5K BTC capacity. Fees earnings are a joke, and almost all node runners put fees to 0, just see 0 fee initiative.

So, I'm not a whale by any means, I got into bitcoin very late, but what if Satoshi himself or a big group of whales incentivize node runners to build the biggest and most decentralized fast payments network ever by sharing some BTC to let's say, nodes with more than a year running.

It should be quite simple to query at least 1 BTC address for each node, since channels opening tx are public for each node.

For example using mempool space or running mempool in your own node you can get a list of all public nodes 15K and then for each node get at least 1 channel tx id, then from the txid the wallet addresses from nodes in the channel opening.

Probably, most of them are Tor Nodes, just imagine 10k small nodes all over the globe getting 10x bigger and distributing the network capacity to a level unimaginable. Lightning network plus swaps would go bananas and We will finally be able to send sats without any issue to any non custodial Ligthning wallet in the world.

Pseudo code: (may need a lot of cleanup after getting wallets addresses)

nodes = Mempool.nodes() wallets = [] for node in nodes: break if node.years < 1 for channels in node: for channel in channels: for tx in channel: w = tx.wallets() wallets.append(w) 

mempool space new Lightning Network view

So, if Satoshi or any big whale cares about this, I can help with the script to get all wallets from node runners. If nobody think is a good idea, I will let you know I will keep running my BTC LN node forever, it's feels nice to run your own bank at home. Cheers!

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