sms4sats: Receive SMS Activation Codes and pay with Lightning

Just shilling our own project after seeing how useful it was for people that wanted to try openAI chat ( with a disposable phone number. You can also use it with hundreds of other services like twitter, telegram, discord etc..

We also offer a tor hidden service: http://sms4sat6y7lkq4vscloomatwyj33cfeddukkvujo2hkdqtmyi465spid.onion

and API for other Bitcoin/Lightning companies to send SMS programmatically: Some companies like lnvpn and lightsats are already using it.

One cool thing we did is to use "hold invoices" and only settle the payment once code is received from the service and shown to the user, this way you only pay if it actually works for you. Otherwise funds return to your lightning wallet automatically.

I hope people find it useful. We appreciate all the feedback,

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