I am thankful for SBF

Don’t get me wrong, I think SBF is a fraudster and should be in jail. But over the long run, I believe the FTX meltdown will end up being a light bulb moment for many shitcoiners.

People are realizing what’s really at play here. We’re revolutionizing the global monetary system. It won’t be easy. Shitcoiners will get recked. If people Fuck around with hard money, they’ll find out. All scams will eventually get flushed out. Sooner or later.

Keep stacking and taking custody of your coins. Keep stacking until there is no more of those paper bitcoin left. There still is 2 million bitcoin on exchanges. How many bitcoin do they owe to customers? 3 million? Impossible to know for now. Keep stacking and we’ll find out. None of the scammers will survive. None.

Every single sats that goes to cold storage is contributing to the revolution. Never lose sight of what’s at stake here

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