Paging Android Devs: Xmr PocketNode

Hello All!

If there are any Android devs out there that are looking to contribute, I would love to see someone take the Xmr PocketNode project under their wing. TLDR, it's a functioning 1-tap Monero node for Android. It's probably one of the lowest power-consumption, easiest to use nodes in the entire ecosystem, though it doesn't quite work perfectly.

Video Demo of the node + Tor setup in under a minute:


One evening while I had a free hour in the nursing home basement computer lab, I came across an abandoned / non-functioning version of the app that I believe was (at one point) used for a fork of Monero , so I forked it, got it working, added a few UI updates, and added a few new features… It definitely has some flaws, and unfortunately, I don't have enough years left to learn Android development, so I thought I would reach out here. I would love to see the project brought up to date and compatible with the latest Android APIs, see a fully functioning background service get added, and have it added to the FDroid store.

So, if anyone out there wants to dig in, PR's are welcome 🙂

Github Repo:

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