Fold bitcoin debit card thoughts/privacy concerns

So basically the fold bitcoin debit card is a card which gives you 1% in bitcoin cashback or spin the wheel for a chance at higher rewards.

I've been using as of late it honestly seems like a great way to stack btc without actually directly investing into it.

You can literally pay 90% of your bills with it by adding it to paypal billpay and adding your bills (credit cards,mortgage,auto loan ect..) which in my case im getting easily a 50+ a month 1.5%-2% on the spin wheel seems to be easy so far i pretty much exclusively use it for that so i can double dip with my credit cards.

However there are times when you run out of extra spins to try to get a better reward they have a vr game in which you can get more spins.

The vr game seems to crash sometimes in which case i gotta restart and try again sorta annoying.

I have concerns about the vr game do you think they are selling what they gather from that? just curious if anyone else is doing this and your thoughts thanks.

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