The Bitcoin Node Rules Of Consensus make Bitcoin well, Bitcoin however..

I should preface this post by letting folks know that I am not a coder. That said however my concerns are that when newer versions of Bitcoin Core comes out you see bug fixes etc from the previous version but also there are occasionally changes to the rules of consensus. This essentially means that if you "upgrade" to the latest version, you effectively vote for that new rules of consensus from your version of what previously you voted bitcoin was.

IMO there should be a differenent approach here. When bugs are found, why not update the older versions as well without touching the rules of consensus in said older versions? You could still have the original versions available for reference however this approach would keep the bitcoin network safer and more robust while continuing to allow the individual node operators to decide what version of bitcoin is the true bitcoin which is the whole point! (aka decentralization)

For example, I'm not a fan of Taro (or taproot in general for that matter) in the bitcoin protocol so I don't run bitcoin core beyond a certain version. Unfortunately these versions have apparently since had bugs reported and remedied by later versions. That said my concern there is that eventually my versions may have fatal bugs uncovered and the only way to keep bitcoin running is to upgrade to something that I would consider to be true bitcoin.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. In the mean time I'll continue to DCA and take immediate possession of my private keys to P2PKH addresses only which I generate offline as to forward this peaceful movement!

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