Do you think a bear market rally can occur next year?

Do you think a significant bear market rally can occur next year? I was talking about this to someone I know and they think btc can see a 2019 style rally and go back to 50-60k. They’re argument is that in history after a red year the subsequent 2.5-3 years have been green. I agree with that but I just think that this recession will squash history. In 2019 and pretty much every year after the GFC of 2008 interest rates have been very low. In 2023 interest rates will be at 5% and the fed can continue their hawkish monetary stance if inflation doesn’t go down in a sustainable way. IMO unless the fed miraculously starts printing again next year we will probably see more downside and sideways action. At best we’ll see a bull trap to the high 20k range before the rug gets pulled out once again. What do you think?

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