Evidence of Retail Use in Monero and Bitcoin Cash

I include the three month transactions per day chart from BitInfoCharts.com https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/transactions-btc-bch-xmr.html#log&3m

There are notable peaks in transaction activity in early to mid December, and echo peak on December 19th. The low is December 25th as expected. The BCH data supports the XMR data. The is no determinable change for Bitcoin but also other altcoins. The latter can be added to the BitInfoCharts.com chart.

I see this as growing evidence of the use of Monero for the purchase of holiday gifts, which in turn is indicative of growing retail use. There may be some evidence that this market is also shifting from Bitcoin Cash to Monero. There is of course a very significant base of non retail transactions as can be seen from the December 25th figures. VISA has in the past shown a 16x surge due to holiday shopping peaking around December 23rd. This may now be dampened also by the move from in-person to online shopping. The latter requires an allowance for shipping time.

Understanding this holiday shopping surge is very important for the design of Monero's scaling, since if Monero's transactions become dominated by its use for retail transactions, one of its primary purposes in my view, one has to allow for at least a 16x surge in the blocksize to accommodate holiday shopping demand.

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