For how many of you is Bitcoin truly “trustless”?

People are always praising Bitcoin for being “trustless” and secure, yet they don’t know how to read code or run their own node.

How many of you actually read the code and run your own node?

I am going to guess that less than half of the people here neither read code nor run their own node.

If that’s the case then by default you are trusting that the folks reading the code and tracking any changes made by the developers are scrutinizing it and would reject any changes by the developers that are negative to Bitcoin or not beneficial for the rest of us. This means we have to put our trust on programmers that read code.

Obviously, those that run their own nodes and can read code have the financial incentive to keep the developers in check. This is very beneficial for us and is the reason why I trust these programmers. However don’t be unaware, that at the end of the day, you are putting trust in people.

I’m not a programmer, but I am contemplating learning code and running my own node so that Bitcoin can in fact be “trustless” for me. So that I actually don’t have to trust anyone, but just numbers.

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