How do you probably secure your Bitcoin from a physical standpoint?

How do you protect your hardware wallet and/or seed phrase from people who may try to physically come and take them? I understand that banks are bad, but how do you responsibly self-custody while keeping yourself safe from wrench attacks and such?

I guess my issue is the “what-if” of the endgame. Imagine every household has a hardware wallet of some kind. In this perfect utopia, you know that everyone self-custodies. What is to stop criminals from targeting affluent individuals to steal their Bitcoin while they’re on vacation or perhaps at the store?

Once again, I respect that banks are usually bad, but I am curious how you maintain your physical and financial safety in a world that assumes you likely have a seed phrase within your home?

Edit: Want to know how I know people have a fear of being physically targeted? Because people still won’t stop talking about Ledger’s address leak and how they might get “wrench attacked” now.

Edit 2: I want to state that I am a strong believer in Bitcoin and I am not trying to create FUD or anything along those lines. I’m just trying to ensure the long-term safety of my family.

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