What is the answer (if any) to recovering from scams when dealing with monero, or any crypto?

Is there any way to deal with it? Any system that could be implemented to at least provide accountability?

Or is it just a price we have to pay for cutting out parasitical middlemen and for true privacy that you're going to have to be more vigilant about these things?

This is one of my friends biggest hangups, and seemingly the main thing that makes him not want to see monero – or even crypto generally – adopted by the masses, because he sees so much more potential for everyday folk being hurt by the lack of accountability and recovery options in such a system.

I've considered the idea of switching to public chains when dealing with sketchier transactions (anything that's not everyday grocery store or big international retailer situations), But that only provides potential traceability, not guaranteed accountability, and definitely not recovery.

Also, anyone here have experience with being scammed in a crypto transaction?

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