Bitcoin Only meet up in Tbilisi!

Pleb here; (this is an alt account; main is a longtime poster on this very subreddit but I felt more comfy not to geographically dox that account!)

I've recently (been about 3 months now) moved to Tbilisi. I'm a long time hodlr, miner & node runner. I don't have any bitcoiner friends here so thought I'd make a post here & see of the 4.8 million people here how many in Tbilisi & how many are willing to get together for a Bitcoin Only meetup! no web3, no shitcoin, no nft, no nonsense!

Nothing fancy just a nice get together, hopefully, at a bitcoin & lightning friendly business over a drink or such & discussing all things bitcoin (& lightning.)

p.s. If you have something to say comment here please; in case of a dm you will be met with a 33ksat lightning invoice which you will have to pay as a gesture of good will to initiate the conversation.

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