Catching A Stupid Scammer That Cashed Out To Coinbase?

My friend got scammed for about $400 of btc.

The scammers wallet has been used like 27 other times, and it seems like he scams people and then just cashes it out. I'm pretty sure he is just receiving btc, and then sending it to Coinbase/cashapp (something like that).

Would be great if there is a way to report the wallet address as a scammer, and figure out where he is cashing it out to get his identity and get him in trouble for scamming/possibly recover the funds.

Any idea how to go about this? Any resources that anyone knows of?

My friend was thinking that he was just out of luck, but it looks like this scammer is pretty dumb since he reuses the same wallet and cashes it out whenever he gets some btc.

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