The biggest hurdle in merchant adoption of Monero

The primary and final goal of any currency is the ease by which one can transact said currency in exchange for goods and services. Payment gateways that allow the acceptance of Monero exist, however they take significant set-up and know-how by the accepting merchant, which creates friction in Monero adoption.

In its current state, the inability to use Monero in your local store through some payment terminal does not exist because developing the equipment, necessary APIs etc is too difficult. Most merchants want to be paid in FIAT, as in their eyes this guarantees they can cover operating expenses and safely keep profit. The problem here is Monero confirmation times are far too long. Therefore, a payment gateway/processor which takes Monero from the buyer and converts to local currency cannot happen instantaneously at the point of sale.

Is it possible to develop lightning exchanges under the current Monero architecture? If not, are there known plans for architectural change that would make Monero viable for the scenario outlined?

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