What’s your 2023 goals as a bitcoiner?

Me and my gf made podcast with them here https://open.spotify.com/episode/5CC4GqTkAXnGpuoFh25okR?si=FsK38BY3QNWMTapQjm7xHg if you want to listen

Or here are my goals: 1. Finish Accumulating 1 full bitcoin. Currently at 0.4 using Dollar Cost AVG 2. Listen to the "The Science to Get Rich" everyday and tweet a quote form the book as proof.
3. Eat Healthier while Following the standards suggested in "The Fiat Standard" book chapter 8 and stop consuming (show visuals and examples): -Vegetable Oils such as: soy, rapeseed, sunflower, corn, and margine -High fructose corn syrup -soybean based products -low fat foods -refined flour and sugar -Stop eating processed fast food meat completely 4. Grow YouTube following to 1000 subscribers min 5. Build stock long term portfolio from selling calls and puts to be able to yield $1000 a month in income by December 2023 ending"

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