If Bitcoin is your side pension plan then what is your strategy?

I think of Bitcoin as my additional pension plan. I kind of dca into it and I intend to continue till atleast 2030 when I'll be 57 years old. I figure that will give me a good 10-15 year to enjoy whatever I make. This will take me through 2 halvings. Possibly 3 if I hang on till 2032 when I'll be 59. I'm wondering if and when I should cash in my bitcoin savings or whether I will draw down, or pay myself out of my stack. Will staking be safe by 2030? Will I be able to live off the staking rewards if any? What would be a sensible guess of bitcoins price by 2030? Will I be able to use bitcoin like money by then or will it be a digital gold? I'm not expecting answers. I know it's speculative. I just wonder if anyone else out there is of a similar age where you consider that time might not be on your side when it comes to holding for the moon.

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