Looking for someone to join my NBA Fantasy League. Posting $50 of BTC as a yearly award.

Hello my fellow Bitcoiners. I have two passions in my life; Bitcoin and Basketball.

One of my leagues has completely lost its transparency, integrity, and has been compromised due to the actions of a corrupted commissioner. So the majority of the League and I created a new one.

We are looking for a manager replacement for the League, where the draft takes place SUNDAY, JANUARY 15 @ 100PM PST. It will be a DYNASTY league.

I have known most of the managers for years at this point. We are of all ages, 20s-40s. We are looking for someone with experience, and who would undoubtably be committed to being active. I don't care if you are active in the chat, but you must be attentive when there are confirmations needed. You must be able to respond within 24hrs of any confirmations needed.

The platform will be Yahoo. I, as the commissioner, will post a $50BTC award to winner of the League yearly. Why Bitcoin? Its borderless. This league has people from Canada, US, and Europe. I can easily send $50 at super low cost instantly to the winner. Plus BTC fluctuates up and down, so some years the winner will take home more. I figured I had to add incentive in order to keep competition high.

Please DM me if you are interested. A response and adding to the league will take place in the next few hours. The draft time is set and will not be changed, so if you cannot make it then please don't respond.

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