My personal thoughts and feelings about Bitcoin being “ideology”

Bitcoin represents different things for everyone. But in such a polarized world I find refreshing that people can stand side by side for something that they believe (even though their reason to believe it is different). Some people here for having the option to keep their savings out of the hand of any institution, some just believe the number will rise, some actually think this will free people and provide everyone a better future. A good thing about Bitcoin that it aligns incentives and since the incentives are all aligned, even if someone here for the altruistic reasons or selfish reasons, it doesn’t really matter. And that’s a good thing and I feel hope “real hope for the future” maybe for the first time of my life that we can still unite and build something together, slowly but surely.

I have difficult time to understand why people care about it so much and feel the need to talk badly about it if they believe it will go to zero dollars. I don’t understand the hate or frustration behind it. As a counter argument one can say the Bitcoiners show a similar attitude towards shitcoins. But I think the real frustration there is not related to the pricing of other coins. The frustration is there because Bitcoin represented and understood by lots of people under the umbrella of cryptocurrencies and the scammers using their fabricated and controlled currencies is damaging to what Bitcoin is trying to achieve.

This is a long road and I myself still very new to this ecosystem. And when you think about it and know everything started from 1-2 people and now countries discussing it some accepting some refusing, energy companies starting mining, it feels difficult for me to go back to zero. But as I said at the beginning apart from the price perspective it is really refreshing for me to be able to believe in something and do something for it. It was something that I can feel lacking for my generation so I’m happy to be be here and be a part of this journey.

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