The new financial system is closer to fruition. Bitcoin will become the worlds reserve asset

Keynesian economic theory is Falling apart. Debt has become unmanageable. Finance 1.0 is collapsing and it will be an epic shock and awe.

Despite the looming crisis, Finance 2.0 has been built quietly in the background. Defi, decentralized apps, bitcoin, CBDC’s, and crypto market as a whole has been built to facilitate the new financial system.

Policymakers are currently drafting new legislation to create a framework on how this new financial system will operate.

But before we proceed in utilizing this new system, the old one will have to be destroyed.

When the crisis occurs Washington will have the solution.

A Digital dollar(or CBDC)***********

Will we finally be free?

Maybe, probably not

Bitcoin as a reserve asset will come later, probably due to a lack of alternatives for central banks. As the dollar can no longer sustain its supremacy.

Interesting how the federal reserves interest rate rise, is removing dollars from the reserves of central banks

Will bitcoin come sooner? Only the elites know

Let me know if you have questions.

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