The paradox of safety in decentralization

Bitcoin strives for the safety of value allowing you to own it. Really own it. It cuts the middleman and avoids that a third party seize your assets, block transactions or simply steal from you.

Real decentralization is key for this. Yet, is it a double edge sword?

In this very sub it is often adviced to not tell anyone you have bitcoin, not even your family. Scams are everywhere and it is up to you to avoid them being clever and cautious. Okay, I can live with that. Then there is ransomware.

Sure, today may be few cases. We are still early and few people actually owns significant bitcoin. But isnt the dream that paychecks are made in bitcoin, LN solves scalability for everyone to use sats in every purchase and adoption grows so much that everyone holds significant bitcoin?

Then would not everyone become a target? How could you prevent an unwanted transaction with safety? Yes, there are passphrases and what not, but the point is: how to stop the unstoppable? Reverse the unreversable? How can maximum decentralization solve this problem that arises with maximum decentralization?

Im keen on reading your thoughts on this. I know bitcoin still has issues to solve and we are on the road for that. Bitcoin is about solving. How would you solve this?

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