Who is John Galt? John Galt is Satoshi Nakamoto

I’ve always felt like John Galt was right in that the only way to stop the theft by the looters/moochers of socialism is to have the producers withdraw from society. If the producers stop producing, there is nothing to steal. Every evil that is enabled by the theft is no longer sustainable and comes crumbling down. Along with the Gospel as the answer to sin, the parallel society of Galts Gulch is the path forward if we want to starve out the cancerous root of socialism.

Bitcoin is the Gulch. They can’t steal your life savings through inflation if you stop using fiat dollars. They can’t make you a debt slave if you stop using debt. They can’t freeze your bank account if you opt out of the banking cartels.

The elites cannot fund their evil addenda with lout your monetary energy. Create the parallel economy. Move to a system where you don’t need a third party to validate transactions. Don’t trust a single entities that can be threatened or bribed. Don’t give someone else access to control your economic energy.

The fiat/debt slavery cannot continue without your participation. Move to the Gulch. Move to Bitcoin.

Who is John Galt?…. John Galt is Satoshi Nakamoto.

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