Many of you don’t get it.

I own bitcoin(as well as PMs) and understand its necessity as a monetary system. I'm a proponent of the Austrian school of economics and an ally of sound money and, most importantly, I understand how the bank families designed MMT to be a debt slavery mechanism.

That being said, many of you don't get it. The three letter organizations let crypto stay unregulated so long so the bubble would pop and cause mass financial disdain so they have an excuse to come regulate the shit out of it. I'm sure many of you know, they have taken the characters of blockchain they like and are now facilitating draconian CBDCs to fill the void that Bitcoin will create once they either "regulate" it to the point that it is inoperable with legacy systems our outright outlaw it.

I'm not trying to predict when because that's impossible, but it is inevitable that there will be a point where those who own bitcoin will have to make a choice about selling their bitcoin for the new CBDC and staying in traditional society, trying to hide your ownership and move in the shadows trading in black markets, or completely abandon traditional society for an unregulated, decentralized, outlander, sovereign state made of digital nomads.

The cyberpunk dystopia isn't just a pop culture concept. It's a prophecy that is pretty damn plausible to anyone paying attention. Most of the people who own btc now aren't truly prepared to face that ultimatum.

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