Best cold storage: I’ll be away from it for a couple years

'll be away for a number of years and would like to store my coin in cold storage. I MAY give a family member access to update my hardware only if it's needed. Whenever I've had a lot of coin in past couple of years, I've just used many hot wallets like mycelium.

I haven't needed cold storage for years now, so I'm not sure which hardware would be best. My understanding at this moment would be to just make sure my cold storage hardware is open source.

Are paper wallets still a popular method? Just curious, I dont really want to go this route.

Also just thinking about what I did before: bunch of hot wallets to store all my coin. That way if something did happen, I wouldn't loose it all.

I worry that with no access to my physical hardware, both wallet and computer, I could lose my money due to wallet no longer being supported. And by supported, I mean any situation where plugging in my wallet no longer works.

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