Monero integration in BLACK protocol, a privacy focused fork of THORChain

For those of you who don't know THORChain: "THORChain aims to decentralize cryptocurrency liquidity via a network of public THORNodes and ecosystem products. Access to its native and cross-chain liquidity is open to any person, product or institution." So native crosschain swaps.

Because of safety reasons, it's not smart for THORChain to integrate Monero and other privacy chains. Therefore THORChain developers are working on a fork called BLACK. It will be backwards compatible with THORChain. Meaning that you'll be able to swap from and to Monero from any of the chains THORChain supports (Currently: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Beacon Chain, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Avalanche and Cosmos. And soon Maya Protocol, another THORChain fork, will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, THORChain, Binance Smart Chain, Osmosis, Kujira and Dash and Cardano will follow. Try THORChain out with THORSwap:

In my opinion, this integration will be a game changer for Monero. It gives us more ways to get Monero in a decentralized NO KYC required way.

But as you know the Monero code can be quite hard to understand. That's why we as a community can help with this development. THORChain devs already started working on the protocol, and I think that we can speed things up.

BLACK will support Bitcoin, Monero, Haven and Oxen (Solana is debatable). More integrations will likely follow after release. You can read more about the concept of BLACK in this link: Although the concept is a bit outdated, development has started.

You can view open issues and participate here:

I already started with some code for the chain client, but I'm not really a good coder, hence I contacted you guys.

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