[update] Merchant – A FOSS Desktop Point of Sale App for Accepting in Person Monero Payments. Updates and more!

Hey all, Ora_pro_vivis here (OPV). I'm the OP and developer of https://old.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/y6zrla/merchant_a_foss_desktop_point_of_sale_app_for/. Hope all of you are having a great new year!

Development is still on going but unfortunately the alpha is going to pushed back a little further into this year. I was hoping to have code out for you all to test by now but IRL loves to spring surprises on us and I'm the sole developer and designer.

Since the original post, I decided on an official project name and due to generous donations (and comments) I was able to purchase two domain names with Monero. Along with the domain names, I have been able to keep my server running as well which is also being paid for in Monero directly. I use 1984 hosting and Incognet for domains. I highly recommend both!

The name I've decided on for "Merchant" is Kasejo and can be found here at: https://kasejo.com. What is Kasejo, you may ask?

Kasejo (ka-say-o), which means cashdesk/checkout in Esperanto, is an open source point of sale app for receiving & tracking Monero sales & payments in person. Turn any PC, Laptop, or Macbook into a Monero accepting kiosk! The software is open source and free to use/customize. Your code, your node, your keys, your coins.

Now that I have an official name, I plan on launching a logo contest here to see who can come up with a great logo for the project. The prizes, of course, will be in Monero. I have not yet decided when the contest will be or how much the prizes will be but when I do, I will be sure to post all the details.

As I said, with the generous donations I received from the community, I was able to buy one more domain name as well. That domain is: https://rezisto.net/. Why rezisto? Well, rezisto means resistance in Esperanto. I felt this quite fitting for an ecosystem I envision. An ecosystem of free open source code that challenges the status quo and allows us to liberate ourselves and others from those who seek tyranny over us (the resistance). It will be a headquarters if you will and code will be hosted there via: https://git.rezisto.net. I also hope to host other content and tutorials there as well on a broad spectrum of topics relevant to the theme.

If you visit the link, you can see that Kasejo is parked there: https://git.rezisto.net/Apps/kasejo and when I'm ready to release, that is where you can get the code from.

There is also another repo there! You might be wondering what lumo is? Well, as a thank you to the community and to give back I'm announcing the launch in this post as well. Inspired by this post: https://old.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/100kkbu/creating_a_totally_public_view_only_xmr_wallet/, I decided to see what was and what wasn't possible with Monero. Much of the code I had already written for Kasejo so in my time off from developing that (devs/designers, always take breaks from main projects – trust me your sanity will thank you) I decided to throw some time at this project. I learned much and frankly, it leads me to be even more bullish (fundamentally not price go moon) about Monero.

This is what I came up with:


Lumo (loo-mo) , Esperanto for "Light", is a Node JS server that allows you to self host a semi transparent and auditable Monero (XMR) wallet for donation and charity purposes. It was created as a way to bridge transparency with Monero's unique privacy features. The use case is if you would like to accept Monero donations transparently while still providing your donors with privacy. This allows donors to verify their donation(s) and amount(s) easily in an anonymous way online. It also allows donors to monitor funds in and out (there is a caveat to the out transactions though. See the limitations section below).

Think of it as turning a Monero wallet into a Bitcoin-esque wallet that is viewable on a blockchain explorer, albeit yours is self-hosted and done voluntarily. All of this is achieved while donor/receiver information is still kept private. Got to love Monero!

As I've stated in the git page, lumo should be considered experimental software and a proof of concept only to be used on stagenet for now (If you need stagenet moneroj, send me your stagenet address and I'll send you some for testing). I created it to give a better user experience in verifying transactions for donation/charity purposes and to open the door for people who think Monero is a scary thing only criminals use.

It's not, it's digital money plain and simple! Monero can be transparent however the ethos is it should be done voluntarily. Privacy by default, transparent by choice. Hence, lumo (you turn on the light)! The UX should also be friendly and not intimidating for newcomers.

If you do decide to test the code, please be sure to let me know of any bugs. I'd also love to hear thoughts, opinions, feedback, and security/vulnerability concerns with hosting something like this on mainnet. I tried my best to mitigate certain risks, but I do not know what I do not know. Let me know!

That is about all for now. When I have more updates for Kasejo I'll be sure to check back in with you all about it. In the mean time, check out lumo. Test, test, test, break and do even more testing. But, be sure to send me your results so I can update and improve it. Feel free to PM me, I check in here everyday. I would love to see it used as a standard for Monero based donations and charities. I also plan on using this myself for donations. If not, well I learned something new in the process whilst enjoying a Guinness or two or three 🙂 !


If you find any of this beneficial, useful and/or educational then please consider donating Monero to the address below. All donations will go to continued development and funding of the Rezisto ecosystem.

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  • 86DgQQ12SJk26rnK5LPv9cfdmQwxDCkYXTN9ff7refGSSottZnR3tjk2bhVymtzmnq6hFheeWy22pePnxdNfB26nQH6oLbk


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