Best Practices to transfer long term storage from Trezor to Coldcard


Moving from Trezor to air-gapped Coldcard. All BTC purchases sourced via KYC via exchanges. I'm going to use Sparrow + Coldcard and heard I should mix all UTXO before transferring to new wallet. Anything I should keep in mind / gotchas? For example:

  1. Is it OK to transfer all at once to a mixing wallet, then mix to Coldcard? Or is it better to move it over in smaller increments?
  2. What about pool size? Does it matter (i.e. is it better to use more/smaller pool sizes)?
  3. Any other things I should be concerned with?

The end goal is to move all my long term storage BTC to the new wallet and have it be as clean as possible, following best practices. Thank in advance for any guidance you can provide!

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