Last year, many media/news reports said El Salvador was gonna default on their $800m sovereign debt because they adopted Bitcoin. Well, El Salvador just paid all of it back… and the same media now refuses to cover it.

Last year, every news paper and media house had people convinced that El Salvador is going to default on their sovereign debt, it was only a matter of time. Rating agencies cut El Salvador's ratings, these media houses put out timely reminders that El Salvador was bankrupt.

NYT: Bitcoin moved the nation close to default

This was called out by President Bukele at that time too, that NYT devoted a full page to El Salvador when they have never turned their attention to a small and poor nation ever before.

Bukele in July 2022: "Since when the unytimes has devoted so much time and space to El Salvador’s economic initiatives? It’s clear they’re afraid, Bitcoin is inevitable. By the way, they say we’re heading to default. Will they publish an apology once we pay everything on time?

Full page NYT article "poor country closer to default"

Not just NYT, Washington Post too and many others joined in.

So many articles that El Salvador is broke and about to default….

Well what do you know, El Salvador just repaid their debt yesterday.

Lets look at how the same media is covering this…

Wait, they arent covering it.

Not a single article in the NYT about it….

President Bukele has gone scorched earth on the double standards of the media:

Full page spreads on the nytimes and all, creating the narrative that El Salvador was broke and going to default. I called them out at the time, but of course, who was going to believe us and not every international news outlet and their “economic geniuses”?

Well, we just paid in full, 800 million dollars plus interest. But of course, almost nobody is covering the story.

They lie and lie and lie, and when their lies are exposed, they go on silence mode.

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