Node/Cold wallet help

Hey guys!

I am not as technically savvy as most of you guys here but I will ask here anyway.

I run my own full node on a separate computer than my work/personal. I recently received the Blockstream Jade.

My question is how can I connect my Blockstream Jade to use my node instead of Blockstream's? Is this possible?

Would this be done under the "Connect through a proxy" setting that asks for "proxy host" and "port"?
I've also read that there is some way to use an Electrum server, yet I don't really know what this entails; I think that I would have to create a server or something, I don't really understand the full extent of Electrum. Can this also be done on my BlueWallet on my phone?

I see that on Ledger I can connect to my own Bitcoin node directly, but the UX doesn't look like what I have listed above for the Jade.

Ideally, I want to use my own node so I don't have to trust anyone else's on both BlueWallet and Jade (but most importantly my Jade).

Please help me out! Thanks in advance.

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