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First of all: Thanks everyone for being this amazing. Monero has really great Core Principles and the Community is so amazing. I'm really looking forward to the Future

About my Question: Is there any Mechanism to check the Coin Distribution of Monero? Pretty Much if a Single Entity posseses most Coins?

I'm pretty sure there is not. Because Monero is private (duh!) Isn't this hindering Adoption on a massive Scale?

Let me explain myself: Monero is often compared to be a better Digital Gold (it's fungible wich other Coins are not) But imagine that you are a Giant with a huge Fortune. A Fortune that woule massively increase Moneros Price. You find out that Monero is a perfect fit to store your wealth for a long time. It seems so perfect. But there is the Catch: How many Coins are being held by a tiny fraction of Monero "Whales"? 10%, 20%, 40%? Well you don't know and now you dont want to take the risk of being dumped on. This one huge Reasons why you don't invest in Shitcoins Those are also Scams wich Monero is NOT. But you get the point

Proposal for how this could work. ( I'm not a Monero Developer so this is just a rough Idea ) Instead of seeing what Account has how many Monero there could be like a Metric Endpoint that returns a Number correlated with Distribution. You would'nt have to trust anyone. And that Number indicates how "good" or "bad" the Coin Distribution is.

Please lets Discuss why this would be a Bad Idea or maybe if this would Help Adoption on a larger Scale. Maybe you are also againet this because then Corporations would buy all the good Money (Monero) before normal people have Time to get any. Im really curious to what the Community thinks.

TLDR: To gain more Adoption Monero should have a Metric that indicates how even the Coindistribution is inside the System. This would help big Players with alot of Capital to build Trust to invest into the best Money (Monero) without being dumped on

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