What’s the best way for a New Yorker to cashout bitcoin without using Coinbase, Gemini or Cashapp?

I live in New York and I have a few thousand dollars of bitcoin in my electrum wallet.

New York allows only Coinbase and Gemini. But if you read trustpilot reviews for both, then you'll understand why I'm making this post. Coinbase and Gemini have a bad reputation for freezing people's accounts and taking their bitcoin. So I don't want to put my coins in either of them.

Then there's cashapp. The reviews I've read suggest they're just as bad, however it's AI based and so they'll let me move a few hundred here and there with no problem, but I read a review where they took $400 worth of bitcoin from someone, and I read another review where cashapp banned somebody's account and stole their $3,000 worth of bitcoin, so I don't want to take any chances depositing a few thousand dollars of bitcoin in cashapp.

Then there's peer to peer. I tried a site called localbitcoins, but they said they can't service me because of my location. Seriously?!? I thought it was peer to peer. Sigh. Then I tried a site called hodlhodl and they instantly banned my account as soon as I created it, which was probably because I'm using a VPN, but I still didn't like that experience and makes me less likely to want to turn my VPN off and try again.

I can't figure out what's the best way to cash out without risking my bitcoin being stolen by one of these so-called "custodians."

I can move out of New York, and try a bunch of other exchanges, like krakken, but who knows if I might have the same risks. It's not worth the hassle of relocating.

So I just want to knows if there's a website like an off-shore exchange maybe that's friendly to New Yorkers. Or is it something I need to do as a New Yorker that could help me.

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