Opinion – Bitcoin v Share Portfolio

So I’m in two minds, I’ve nearly reached my goal for Bitcoin holdings and I always told myself at that point I’d then start to build a share portfolio as I wanted an asset to pay me regular income down the track. My goal was to build/contribute to a portfolio over the next 10 years at which point it willl pay me a nice passive income… now I’m thinking ‘what do I think is the best performing asset over the next 10 years’ – Bitcoin. So I ask myself, why not continue to buy Bitcoin and sell a small portion at that point to buy a share portfolio with ideally more funds…… on the other hand this could be risky having all my money in Bitcoin, I’m extremely confident but you just never know it’s performance. Add in inflation and my pessimism of world economies…. What to do.

So, should I;

  • keep stacking sats
  • Diversify into shares

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