Genuine question: paying for Bitcoin is becoming more and more common and accepted (which is great), as well as faster (the recent video of the man paying for his coffee at a coffee shop, where it completes payment before the coffee has been poured). How do we solve for fluctuations in price though?

My question is around the price of Bitcoin.

Why do people want to pay with cryptocurrency when the price is fluctuating so frequently and to a large degree? It therefore makes it difficult to understand how much you’re “paying” for something relative to your income, which is paid in US dollars (for example).

In the coffee example, is he paying $3.00 or $3.50, a simple and typical fluctuation, which has often occurred over 24 hour period, with the Bitcoin coin price.

Sorry if I’m missing something here, interested to see people’s thoughts around this.

Cheers, Boge

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