I’m a Crypto Tax Attorney. AMA Today February 1st!

I'm a Crypto Tax Attorney. AMA Today February 1st!

Hi Reddit, I'm Andrew Gordon, a tax attorney & CPA who's been practicing cryptocurrency tax law since 2014. I help investors with their tax returns, audit representation, and tax debt resolution, as well as helping businesses adopt and report crypto.

When it comes to crypto taxes and the IRS, things get really complicated. That's why I'm here. Ask me anything about cryptocurrency tax law in the United States!

Disclaimer: The information provided pertains to the United States. Information contained in this post and in the comments is intended for general informational and educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. Reading this post, reading the comments, receiving a reply to your comment, or sending a direct message to this account does not create an attorney-client relationship. Contact an attorney for legal advice regarding your specific situation.


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