Documenting My Journey Thus Far 2-1-2023

At 17 years old, I come across this thing called "Bitcoin" in 2014. I recall the price going from the $700 range down to the low $300's. How would I buy it anyway? I'm just a dude with a summer job as a lifeguard that happens to like buying video game mods over the internet. Whatever, I'll pay with Microsoft points. I write it off, with no deep research.

The year is 2020. Bitcoin begins racing. I begin learning. It's an internet money… No, it's digital gold..? Things have not yet totally clicked for me, but I make a small lump sum purchase in the neighborhood of $4,000.

It's 2021, and I'm granted my college degree in mathematics and a full time engineering position. Stable monthly income. Robert Breedlove begins dropping the Saylor Series. Ah, Bitcoin provides property rights for 8 billion people. And there are only to ever be (almost) 21,000,000 coins. And there are roughly 60 million millionaires? The US Govt just sold $6 trillion worth of debt to the federal reserve? There are hundreds of trillions of dollars held in necessities as "investment premium" (housing, metals, etc.)? 30% of this monetary premium transferring to Bitcoin would elicit a price in the millions per coin? The advantages of a Bitcoin standard are not as shallow as a dollar denominated price, but I am nonetheless orange pilled.

In late 2021-2022, I begin a much more rigorous study. I read Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos 3 times. I work through Jimmy Song's Programming Bitcoin (since I have a C++/Python background). I dedicate roughly 900-1,100 hours to studying Bitcoin, reading every book I can find and listening to every TFTC/RHR episode, religiously. I have spoken to VPs of Unchained Capital under my professional persona and interacted with hundreds of plebs under my pseudonym.

Today is the first of February, 2023. I have DCA'd $300+/week for the last 45 weeks. I have contributed roughly 4 additional lump sum purchases. I have sold ONE TIME since my first ever purchase; I forgot I had a car payment and it over drafted my checking account (I contribute 8 times my car payment every month to bitcoin, I'm not selling it. We have to have some tangible things to enjoy in this life, you freaks).

I will eventually come back to this subreddit and make another update. Maybe 3 months from now, maybe 5 years from now. The price of bitcoin is presently $23,121.00, and I feel totally indifferent to my net worth rising tens of thousands of dollars over the last month and a half.

In the meantime, keep going. Keep stacking sats, keep staying humble. Our thesis remains incredibly strong against even the most formidable antagonists. This is the way. We are going to make it, brah.

Talk to you again soon.

– Joules

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