a pleb trying to get w the system

Hey guys, I'm a big Bitcoin supporter, I just set my node up, I'm opting out and I'm working a dead end. Now as I set the node up I thought, damn a Bitcoin miner would be sweet, as a matter a fact mandatory to support the network (and this is a decentralized system), so I look at the bitmains, I look at the prices of video card rigs and this is not in the price range of a pleb.
I just want a small well priced miner, it doesn't have to be in profit for the next 10 yrs, what options do I have between 500-1000 euro or dollars(maxi max max) Anyone? Because these prices aren't too decentralized to me And it seems like these ASIC providers are centralized as hell. Plus I don't want to buy it from a company based in a communist state because… Shit because of freedom 0.0 What are my options if any?

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